Our Calling Services

Peace Of Mind Included

CARE CALLS provides Check-In phone service to check on you or a loved one. The service is designed to have personal contact to insure the wellness of the individual. It can be a; “Wake-Up Call” or a “Don’t Forget To Take Your Medicine Call” or “Good Night Call”, whatever you want.

The Emergency Contact Procedure is set before the service starts, when there is a no answer after a minimum of two attempts or a response that sounds slurred or confused the Emergency Contact Procedure is started. Based on the directions given in the Emergency Contact Procedure a call to 911 can be issued or a neighbor.

RATES:                     MONTHLY                                          ONE CALL/DAY               $120.00

                                                                                            TWO CALLS/DAY               $210.00

                                                                                         THREE CALLS/DAY               $300.00

                                                                  WEEKENDS AND OCCASSIONAL              $4.50/CALL

Our Technology Services

It’s Never Too Late To Learn

PLUS provides basic instruction for any person challenged by new technology. We provide one-on-one instruction on cell phones, I-Pads and personal computers. How to email, text, take and send photographs and surfing the web. Our instructor will leave a written step by step instruction that can be easily followed after we leave.


RATES:                                               ONE ON ONE    PER HOUR                         $30.00

                                                      GROUP OR 5 OR MORE (2 HR.)                        $25.00/PER PERSON

                                                   MONTHLY/CALENDAR/ACTIVITY                        $75.00/OPEN CLASS