Who We Are

I want to introduce CARE CALLS PLUS a service I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I have spent 22 years in the Eldercare field. That time was the most rewarding of my working life and when the company I had worked for was sold I was sure I would start this company. During those years as a Home Health Agency,  Administrator two areas where I felt I could make a difference were checking on people vulnerable to medical emergencies and by calling IN PERSON to check that they SAY they are fine. The calls are not limited by age, any person you would want to know they are safe and well any time of the day can be on the Care Call listing. 


The other area was getting answers for the people that asked me questions like; “How do I work this phone?” or “How do I take a picture and where does it go?” or “How do I look up Medicare on my computer?” These questions came up on a constant and regular basis. Some of these people couldn’t remember after I would show them so we worked out a step by step sheet for them use as a reminder. I could tell what a relief it was to have someone come in person and explain it, show how to do it and write the steps down for later. This is the PLUS IN CARE CALLS PLUS.

 – Libby Colyer